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AHR Metals Business Family

 Air Saver Systems, LLC.     AHR Metals, Inc.      AHR Industrial, Inc.   

Pulp and Power
Paper Mills
Utility Power Plants
Ventilation Design Build
PM Hoods, Doors, Exhaust Systems
Dust Collection
Building AMU’s
Kitchen and Lab Vent Systems
Stainless and Aluminum Ductwork
Save-All Ventilation
Pulp Mill Ventilation
Power House Ventilation
Boiler Breeching Ductwork


Steel Mills
Hoods (Canopy, Side Draft, etc)
Heat Exchangers
Alloy Exhaust Systems
Dust Collection
Material Handling
Rail Car Load Out
Silo and Storage Systems
Bucket Elevators
Ductwork (small to MASSIVE)
Heavy Structural Fabrication
Installation (Iron Work)
Water Cooled Duct Replacement
Expansion Joints (Metal and Fabric)

Overland Conveyor Systems
Washer Plants
Dewatering Systems
Conveyor Maintenance
Shaker and Sizer Mods and Rebuilds
Bucket Elevators
Gear Box Repairs and Replacement
Belt Take-up Systems
Drive Building Systems
Tube Conveyors
Gallery Truss Conveyors
Bin Vents
Dust Collection

  Boiler Innovations, LLC.    Wood Systems  AHRts Metal Artwork

Patented Tube Ties and Plugs for:
Power Recovery Boilers

High Volume Wood Pellet Material Handling Facilities
Radial Cranes
Chip Mill Equipment
Custom Artwork
Saltwater and Freshwater Fish
Nautical Designs

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Employment Opportunities

At AHR Metals we welcome your interest in our growing company.  Our constant growth allows for new employment opportunities.  To start the process simply download our application by clicking here.  Once you have completed the application please fax it to AHR Metals at (205) 428-9983.

The AHR Warranty

We warrant all equipment against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months after start-up or eighteen (18) months after shipment, whichever comes first.

Equipment that is stored for a brief period prior to installation will be covered under the above warranty providing that the equipment is stored per AHR's instructions.

Contact Details

AHR Metals is a well-established open-shop mechanical and industrial contractor, founded in 1986

20 Division Street
Bessemer, AL 35020, USA
T +1 (205) 428-8888
F +1 (205) 428-9983